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Spurs: Views from the Couch! Vol. 1


Welcome Spurs fans! This is my newest column dedicated to the San Antonio Spurs season…….

So we’re at the 10 game mark of the early Spurs season, here’s an in-depth look at how the team is doing so far!

By the Numbers

Overall Record: 9-1

At Home: 5-1//Away: 4-0//Vs. West: 5-1//Vs. East: 4-0// Vs. Division: 1-1

Times scored over 100pts: 7

Lowest points in a game: 90 in loss vs. New Orleans

Most points in a game: 124 in win vs. Houston

Wins by 10pts or more (Quality Wins): 3 

Wins by 20pts or more (Blowouts): 1

Win close game 5pts or under (Closing Time): 4

Vs. GOOD Teams (Games that Count): 3-1

What is our scoring average per game? 108.3 points per game

How much do teams score against us per game? 100.4 points per game

Average Victory Margin: +7.9 points per game

Game by Game review

1. vs. Indiana: W 122-109. Close game throughout but exploded in the 4th quarter.

2. vs. New Orleans (Games that count): L 90-99. RJ version 24.2 is revealed to Spurs Nation! Team fell behind 18pts in first half, crawled back within 5pts, but in the end the Hornets were just too much.


3. @ LA Clippers: W 92-88. First Tiago Splitter sighting! Close game, took lead in 4th quarter to close out. Tweet of the game by @Marcel_mutoni: “For Chris Kaman, everyday is Halloween.”

4. @ Phoenix: W 112-110 (Games that count). RJ hit 4 straight 3 pointers in the 4th quarter to help the Spurs seal a close game.

5. vs. Houston: W 124-121. I went to this game live. Spurs gave up 14pt 3rd quarter lead and had to win game in overtime.


6. @ Charlotte: W 95-91. Emergence of Gary Neal, a mad 3pt shooter! Manu closes close game in 4th quarter.


7. vs. LA Clippers: W 107-95. Ugly, sloppy game throughout but Spurs pulled away in 4th quarter. The next day the team finds out rookie James Anderson in hurt and out 8 weeks with a foot injury.

8. vs. Philly: W 116-93. Going into 4th quarter Spurs were up by 32, that pretty much explains the game. “Jrue” Holiday plays with the 76ers, I wonder if his mom intentionally misspelled his name at birth? But at least he’s the only “Jrue” I’ve ever heard of. #countsforsomething

9. @ Oklahoma City: W 117-104 (Games that count). Close, tight game throughout. Matt Bonner connected on 7-7 3pt to keep Spurs in it. Spurs closed out game in 4th quarter.

10. vs. Chicago: W 103-94 (Games that count). News broke out before game of Tony and Eva getting divorced. Spurs fell behind 15pts in first half which prompted one Spurs fan to start a #BlameEva hash-tag even though the divorce was all Parkers fault. Gotta love Spurs Nation supporting the players in any situation! Spurs hold Bulls to 12pts in 3rd quarter and extend lead in 4th quarter to win game.

RJ Version 24.2 > RJ Version 24.1


The Spurs upgraded their software this offseason by going from Richard Jefferson version 24.1 to the newly released Richard Jefferson version 24.2! This new software is by far outshining the old version! Check out these numbers:

RJ version 24.1 (09-10 season): 47% FG, 32% 3pt, 74% FT, 4.4 Rb, 2 ast, .6 stl, .5 blk, 1.3 TO, 12.3 points per game

RJ version 24.2 (Through first 10 games): 54% FG, 46% 3pt, 77% FT, 3.8 Rb, 1.7 ast, .9 stl, .5 blk, 1.2 TO, 17.0 points per game

In all seriousness, Jefferson took time this summer to work with Pop and the coaching staff to improve as much as possible and the results are really showing! Popular Spurs fan @Madcowheff hasn’t even posted a famous “#BlameJefferson” tweet yet!

Infidelity! Infidelity! Infidelity!

This past tuesday rumors broke out about Tony and Eva getting divorced. There were different stories then they died down.By Wednesday morning sources had confirmed that Eva and Parker were officially divorced in the state of California. Rumors are that Parker was “sexting” former Spur player Brent Barrys  wife Erin Barry a few months ago. Eva caught on and is now single. Brent and Erin are recently going through divorce and Brent’s dad Rick Barry said the news was going to be devastating for Brent. Then more sources are saying that it wasn’t just Erin Barry that Parker was messing around with, but more of Evas “close” friends too. This could break out on as a smaller Tiger level story. Parker and the Spurs are being professional and keeping to the business of basketball.

What we learned

These last 10 games have shown this Spurs team likes to run a lot! They are second to the Lakers in offensive scoring and at times get back to that old Spurs defensive ball club as evidenced in the Chicago game where they held the Bulls to just 12pts in a quarter. Manu and Parker are playing at All-Star levels early while RJ has improved beyond belief! Timmy hasn’t had to carry the offensive load now that he has more players contributing. George Hill is finding his role as the 6th man a little slow but always has a great 4th quarter. Tiago is looking good, his footwork and post play are superb! Blair is still killing the boards and really enjoying the transition buckets. Neal and Anderson (before hurt) have become very reliable bench players and shooting lights out from 3pt land. The Red Rocket too is on fire from the behind the arc! I still question the overall height of the team; in many possessions, they just can’t seem to consistently rebound well. If they can keep this great scoring attack along with getting back to old-school Spurs defense, they are looking as a force to threaten the Lakers.

The Next 5 games

11. @ Utah: Good measuring stick as Jazz are early hot team going down big and coming up winning at the end of games. New look with Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson emerging in the post with no Boozer. Plus it’s in Salt Lake City which is like a playoff crowd every night.

12. vs. Cleveland: I’m going to a wedding this night which basically explains how dangerous the Cavs are……

13. vs. Orlando: Another Good measuring stick, Dwight has improved his post game and they still live and die by that 3pt line. If the Vince Carter falls once, he won’t try the rest of the game.

14. @ Minnesota: Aside from looking at Michael Beasleys hair, what else is good about Minny? Oh yes, we get to yell #Kahhhnnnnnn!!!!

15. vs. Dallas: First game against the Mavs in the I-35 shootout! Heard Butler still isn’t fitting in well, but Mavs off to a good start and right on the Spurs tail!