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How no net or cable have become a vacation of sorts

On Tuesday both my Internet and cable services went haywire on me when they just suddenly stopped working?

I called my cable company (who I won’t name, but it has the same initials as Tape Work Custard) and they said the earliest they could have a technician out to my house was by Friday morning.

At first, I was furious, how am I supposed to follow the Spurs without any Internet? How were my girlfriend and I going to watch who advances in America’s Got Talent?

Then I said, “oh yeah, I have an iPhone. It almost does everything like an iPad or computer does (like this post I’m currently typing on my phone). So, for pretty much three days I’ve been without devices that are a consistent part of my daily life, and it actually hasn’t been that bad.

First, since I can’t watch tv or check the Internet and stay on Twitter, I’ve done more things around my house. Cleaned and fixed some things up, washed both mine and my girlfriends vehicles, and have actually read three different books that have nothing to do with sports.

I can still keep up with Spurs news and twitter through my phone, but I have such a great team at Project Spurs that they’ve been holding down the fort really well with me barely being able to write.

So Friday morning the technician is expected to arrive at my house and patch up my Internet and cable errors, but all in all it kind of feels like I went camping.

You know when you go camping, you leave a lot of your modern gadgets and gizmos behind because it’s just you and the great outdoors, well that’s what these last three days have been like.

I’ve felt like I was camping, it was fun, I got a lot more done, but it’s time for me to return to the digital world.

However, should this happen again? I won’t fret, it’s kind of like vacation.



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